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Step-by-step e-commerce coaching for new entrepreneurs

It’s hard to build a thriving e-commerce business

Let’s get one thing straight……

You go into it with rainbows and love hearts in your eyes, thinking that your products are amazing and
therefore people will just…buy them. All you need is a website.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably realised by now how much that just isn’t the case.

Once you do get a professionally built website, there’s a never-ending list of ongoing tasks to make that
business grow and thrive. Simply existing with great products isn’t enough.
When I started my women’s clothing brand, I was so naive. A science nerd with a stable career as a diagnostic radiographer, I knew nothing about marketing and what would truly be involved in growing the
business to success. To make things even harder, I’m a proud woman of colour (and we all know what that

After a whole lot of learning and mistakes, I came out on top with a thriving, 6-figure e-commerce business. If
only I’d had some sort of instructions on what to do (and not do), right at the beginning. While there are so
many great e-commerce coaches out there, as a start-up, I couldn’t really afford them.

If this story sounds familiar, I’m here to help

The greatest gift of mentorship is the gift of seeing yourself in a mirror held up by someone who believes in you.” – Adam Grant

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It’s hard to build a thriving e-commerce business

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